Muskingum Co. Joint Unified Command Center holds presser to provide weekly update on Covid-19 outbreak

COVID-19 Local News

ZANESVILLE – The conference was different than the one held last week because it was scheduled by people in attendance signing up on a meeting website. There were far less people present for the presser and everyone was able to practice safe social distancing by being at least ten to fifteen feet apart from each other. Different topics were brought to the table for the audience on facebook live to see when Dr. Jack Butterfield took to the podium at noon.

I think there are some new things in this particularly discussing masks which the Governor has recommended. I’m also going to go over the numbers that we have right now as far as quarantine and isolation. I’m going to be giving some definitions which we haven’t given before. A lot of people don’t understand the different between quarantine and isolations. What is PPES? What is the SNS?,” Zanesville-Muskingum County Health Dept’s Medical Director Dr. Jack Butterfield said.

As of this morning, the number of confirmed Covid 19 cases in Muskingum County was 6.
Dr. Butterfield says that number can increase at any time.

“That can change five minutes from now. because those numbers are update continiously. Is it scary? Generally to the public, it’s very scary. To us here at United Command and the Health Department it’s very important. It is driving us in what is trying to protect our community with advice and recommendations for every person in the community, every business in the community, for governmental office, essential businesses, making those decisions. The higher the case load the decisions and restrictions become. ”

Dr Butterfield also says this is a very critical time for the health department because the aniticipated surge for the virus may take place in the next one to two weeks. He reiterated that everyone needs to stay home and should leave the house to retreive only absolutely necessary items.

The press release from Tuesday’s meeting is listed below.