Changes are on the horizon at the Muskingum County Board of Elections Building

Local News

ZANESVILLE – The County Commissioners opened bids today for an H-VAC project at the Board of Elections Building on Market Street. The architect for the project, Jeremy Davis, explains what the work will involve.

“The commissioners had the foresight to want to add a community room to the Board of Elections space sometime in the future and in order to do that we need to do a couple of things. One, accommodate the Board of Elections ballot machines that they have now and all of their other paper records. They’re sensitive to humidity and moisture so the HVAC system will take care of that, that we’re adding and will also provide heating and cooling for the new community room space,” Davis said.

APG first began design plans for the upgrades two or three months ago which includes a community room.

“It’s going to be just a large community space for, you know, either government agency meetings. They will be able to let other organizations use it as they need, but, basically taking over the back shelf space of the Board of Elections and turning into more of a community-minded space.

The cost of the project is about $74,000.

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