Zanesville School District offer forms of lesson plans to students who are staying home

COVID-19 Local News

ZANESVILLE – It’s been a challenging time for Ohio School Districts since they were ordered closed by Governor Mike Dewine in mid-March amid the Corona Virus outbreak. As it stands now, they are to remain closed until May 1st.

The Zanesville City School District doesn’t just only distribute breakfast and lunch meals to students every Friday but they also offer a combination of online and pencil and paper learning to its students.

“For those students and teachers that have been using Google Classroom or Class Dojo in the past, they’ve continued that and are using that so the lessons are being exchanged through that meeting. Not all of the students have access at homes or devices at home and so we’ve found that paper and pencil has been the most useful tool there,” Zanesville School District Superintendent Dr. Doug Baker said.

Students who choose to work with a pencil and paper can pick up and turn in lessons like homework assignments at the food collections each Friday. Whether a student of any age level decides to go the online route or turn in their homework that they have written on a pad of paper, it is critical that they stay on top of their lessons while school is closed because of the virus.

“As you can imagine, it’s not a replacement for for what happens in that regular classroom. So, we are trying to make our best effort to continue the educational process moving forward. We don’t want to see a slip that takes place – we sometimes refer to it as a summer slide when we have the summer break and we want to prevent that because that would be a longer slide at this time when that’s going on right now and taking place,” Baker said.

Baker said that he plans to have an in-person graduation and prom for high school seniors. The district is not sure when those events will be at this time.