United Way wants people to know about community resource phone number

COVID-19 Local News

Zanesville – The organization established this phone number back in 2009. Of course, someone who is dealing with a life-threatening emergency should always call 911, but, United Way is offering a resource for people who are in need.

“We should encourage people to use 211 to get information about employment resources, emergency financial resources including assistance with food and just to get the most up to date information for what resources are out there,” United Way’s Meg Deedrick said.

The organization is also allocating funds to areas that may need it most because of the virus.

“We’ve been monitoring the evolving community conditions and so we’ve increased our funding in areas to respond to needs specifically in the food delivery and the food supply areas. We’re also going to extend our funding cycle from 12 months to 24 months to ensure that there’s continuity in community resources not only for today but throughout the year,” Deedrick said.

United Way feels like they are capable to respond to people’s needs during this time because of the amount of faithful donors they’ve had supporting the organization over the years.