Golf Courses to remain open

COVID-19 Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- Don’t pack away your clubs yet, Governor Mike DeWine has reversed an earlier decision to close golf courses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Golf Courses can remain open under strict safety expectations. Crystal Springs owner Dan Stottsberry says that golf is a great way to remain healthy.

“I think it’s great. Ya know, people still need to get out of the house, if you’re cooped up in a house and get no exercise it’s very unhealthy. I think as far as going to a golf course or even going to a park and walking is something that’s very essential in this very bad situation… It’s like anything, if you get cooped up in a place mentally where you get confused and you’re not happy and you get depressed. I think it’s very important that people do social distancing but they still gotta get out and take a walk and get out and do something that’s active.”

Stottsberry also wanted to reiterate that Crystal Springs is doing everything in its power to make sure its equipment is safe.

“Even before we had to shut down last week we was taking all kinds of precautions. I mean we was sterilizing the carts when they come in, sterilizing them before they go out. The other thing, our carts, we have sixty carts, a lot of the time our carts don’t go out for two or three days. We been rotating the carts and we’ll keep rotating the carts. The carts sit for two to three days before they go back out again. On a busy day they go out but we’ve been very strict on doing the necessary things to keep them safe.”

Crystal Springs is being run its normal hours and is available by walk in or reservation.