AAA Offers Various Vehicular Assistance

COVID-19 Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio– Nationwide Company AAA is offering various ways to keep your car healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Among the assistance offered is free roadside assistance to all healthcare professionals and first responders. Anyone directly working to combat the spread of the virus, be it doctors, surgeons, nurses or paramedics is qualified for free assistance from AAA during the remainder of the crisis. 

Workers for AAA will maintain all suggested tips for safety, such as no physical contact, six feet apart and technicians will wear available safety equipment. If a car needs towed, AAA will arrange for a tow and remain with the driver till the towing company arrives. 

AAA is looking to keep those who are working from home from having car troubles. As vehicles sit for extended periods of time, motorists should check the following aspects of their vehicle:

Battery life

Tire levels 

Fluid amounts. 

Extended periods of no usage can drain these resources in your vehicle, so check them periodically. 

AAA also wants it to be known that auto repair shops are an essential business, and that AAA members can have their cars towed from their homes to AAA repair centers. 

Call your local AAA Car Care Plus number to see if you qualify for these benefits. 

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