Local Businesses Team Up to Provide For Laid Off Workers

COVID-19 Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- A coalition of local businesses is funding a t-shirt sale to raise money for laid off service workers.

The team-up was organized by Cas Maxwell of Maxwell Pizza and has the majority of local restaurants chipping in.

“We’re here to talk about our local love tee-shirt that we’re gonna be doing. Basically we kind of got this idea out of Columbus, there’s a bar that did these t-shirts, they teamed up with all the bars on high street. Got on to this t-shirt, sold all these t-shirts with 100% of the proceeds going   to all the local bartenders and wait staff that have either been laid off or let go because of the coronavirus. I contacted the guy in Columbus he was totally cool with us stealing the idea, I guess if you wanna say.”

Maxwell wanted to emphasize that the shirts would be more than just a gimmick.

“The biggest thing we wanted with the shirt was that we didn’t just want it to be a shirt that you just buy and throw away, just to support. We wanted it to be something you could wear around, scarlet and gray, so you could wear it during Ohio State football season. It’s a great material, like a half and half blend of cotton and polyester. The price is 25 dollars, and then like I said all the proceeds are going to bartenders and servers.”

Shirts go on sale today and the sale will go on indefinitely. They can be bought at www.pineprintshop.com/ohio-local-love.

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