Zanesville factory producing face shields, protective barriers

COVID-19 Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – While most factories in ohio have closed their doors, Plaskolite on 5 Bs Drive has been busy since the Coronavirus outbreak.

Plant Manager Brady Smith and Marketing Director Dan Draper gave WHIZ a look inside the Plaskolite facility.

The factor usually makes a majority of sales from acrylic sheets for picture frames — but the acrylic sheets can also be used as life-saving barriers and equipment.

Smith says it may be used in grocery stores and other essential stores in the near future.

“The product that we make here at [the] zanesville facility is used in a lot of the sneeze guards and the barriers that the banks will be using and things like that and the grocery stores to help this — spread of the disease.”

He says the material is also used to make face shields for hospital workers.

“We also process PETG which is used for the medical face shields and glasses and things like that.”

According to Smith, about 40,000 pounds of acrylic sheet are delivered in each truckload. They can be personalized for each business or the business may decide to cut it upon delivery.

Marketing Director for the plant Dan Draper says all of his employees are taking a vital role in the fight against the virus outbreak.

“One of the things we want everyone to know and especially our employees is just how critical the work is that they’re doing. That the things that they’re making are really keeping people safe and stopping the spread of the coronavirus.”

The company is looking to hire workers in their maintenance and production areas. To apply, go to

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