Families served rises following mass lay-offs

COVID-19 Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – With COVID-19 causing many lay-offs throughout our community, one organization says they’re assisting more families than ever before.

Executive Director for Eastside Community Ministry Jamie Trout says the number of people they’ve served has dramatically increased in the past week.

“Last week, Eastside served more people in one week than we generally serve in a month. So the food is a huge need for people right now. There’s lots of people being laid off — not having work right now. So they’re going to have to tap into these resources. So we’re thinking we’re going to serve probably about 500 households a month and generally we serve 250.”

Last Thursday, the Community Cares Fund was announced. Money raised will benefit the Muskingum County Hunger Network.

“This is actually gonna help the Hunger Network greatly because this is the time we do our biggest fundraising with our Operation Feed Campaign and because of all of this we’ve had to cancel that.”

On Wednesday, Eastside launched a new website. For more information, you can visit EastsideMinistry.org.

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