Mayor Mason reacts to “Stay at Home” Order

COVID-19 Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Governor Mike DeWine and Director of Health Dr. Amy Acton put a stay at home order in place Monday at 11:59 p.m.

For more information on that order, click this link.

For the entire order, click this link.

Zanesville Mayor Don Mason spoke to WHIZ about the order.

“Now the most recent order again is more directed towards again — those of us who — are out in the public and it’s a Stay at Home order. And frankly, the only two places I’ve gone other than work related in the last ten days probably — has been to two different grocery stores in town.”

He says the order will put a hold on many everyday activities.

“Let me tell you how far this should go — and this should be common sense but the fact that I have to say it, apparently some people are not following common sense. If you have that weekly card game, you know, you really can’t. If your daughter wants, if her birthday is coming up and you’re gonna have that slumber party, you really can’t. These are the things that have to be postponed.”

Mayor Mason says everyone should be following rules put in place by the Ohio government — not just those in the at-risk category.

“So many people think that they are the exception to the rule and none of us are the exception to the rule.”

Some essential businesses that are not closed include grocery stores, pharmacies and post offices.

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