Zanesville museum offering free art supplies, virtual programs

COVID-19 Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – A Zanesville museum has found new ways of giving back, even though their doors will remain closed during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Zanesville Museum of Art is giving away free bags of art supplies Monday at 2 p.m. Executive Director Laine Snyder says adults can drive up to the museum and safely grab a bag.

“The museum today, Monday, is giving away art go bags — art supply go bags to 75 families. We’re asking you to pick up one bag per car and we’re asking you to come to the front of the museum, be safe, stay six feet away, grab your go bag and then start getting creative.”

Snyder says with the closing, employees at the museum are coming up with new ideas to help families and children.

“One of the ways the museum is trying to do that is by creating a whole suite of online programs that parents and educators and guardians — all families can use to help kids deal with these really unsettling or even changing times.”

On their website, there are tours of the museum as well as programs and classes.

While a lot of families went to stores for toilet paper, medicine and non-perishables, Snyder says the museum knows how important art supplies can be during this time.

“Art supplies aren’t necessarily our first priority under these circumstances. Under this health emergency. So what we’re trying to do as a museum is give back to the community [that] has been so good giving to us.”

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