Highway Patrol Offers Advice for Motorists, Updates on Stranded Vehicle

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- With the recent rain and flooding through Muskingum County the state highway patrol has had an upswing in water related car emergencies. 

Sergeant with the patrol Nathan Dennis had several reminders to give motorists to help them stay safe.

“The important thing to remember whenever you come across a roadway that’s been covered with water or flooded is never drive through it. One of the most dangerous things as a driver is to attempt to drive through a flooded area. It’s easy for your vehicle to become disabled and at that point it can be drifted away by the current and then that can mean even more dangerous things to follow.”, Dennis said Monday afternoon.

Sergeant Dennis also provided an update on a car that had been stranded in water on Vickers Road here in Zanesville. 

“A vehicle that was actually delivering meals became stranded in water on Vickers Road. Nobody was injured, they were able to get the vehicle out. It occurred on Vickers just between 146 and Shannon Valley. “

Sergeant Dennis issued a separate warning to motorists who were considering moving street barricades.

“When you approach a roadway that’s flooded and barricades are placed up, road closed signs, high water signs, whatever the case may be: just a reminder to the motorists and the drivers out there, that attempting to drive around those signs or moving those barricades so that you can drive through those dangerous waters is against the law.”

Sergeant Dennis says that motorists who do move the barricades can be charged with misdemeanor criminal offences.