DeWine updates Ohioans on Coronavirus outbreak

COVID-19 Local News

COLUMBUS, OHIO (AP) – Ohio’s “Stay at Home” Order due to the Coronavirus takes effect at midnight, although many essential businesses such as grocery stores and gas stations remain open.

Governor Mike DeWine says any action done to enforce the order will be done by local police, sheriff’s departments and health departments.

Dr. Amy Acton says employees who believe they are non-essential businesses are asked to speak with their employers, human resources and local health departments.

For more information on this order go to the order, go to the Ohio Department of Health Coronavirus website.

On Monday, DeWine and Dr. Acton released the number of cases of COVID-19 in the state. So far, there have been 442 reported cases and 6 fatalities. In Muskingum County, there are no reported cases. The Governor’s Stay at Home Order takes effect Monday at 11:59 pm.

Dr. Acton says they will be looking at hospital numbers for capacities and will be releasing that information in the near future. During the press conference, she urged anyone who can stay at home while sick should do so. She also reminded those experiencing Coronavirus-like symptoms to call their healthcare provider or hospital before arriving for medical treatment. This will allow hospital workers to dress in appropriate gear.

DeWine invoked a hiring freeze in state government. This does not include positions that provide direct response to COVID-19, safety and security and direct care or institutional services.

All state agencies are being asked to cut unnecessary spending by up to 20% for the remaining of the fiscal year. DeWine says some agencies cannot afford to do so but many can.

By Thursday, daycares must have a Temporary Pandemic Childcare License. Daycare slots will be given to healthcare workers first.

State lawmakers are preparing for a mid-week session to address issues related to the virus, such as school testing and the postponed primary election.

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