Pearl House Zanesville discussed with County Commissioners

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The Muskingum County Commissioners met with a representative for Muskingum Behavioral Health to talk about a new apartment complex coming to the area.

Chief Executive Officer Steve Carrel says the building is next to the police station, jail, courts and probation and social services. The location on South Street and S. 3rd Street can be a deterrent to crime in the area.

“Some people are concerned that by putting a group of people that have addiction together [that] you’re gonna have increased crime. Experience tells us that’s not the truth. That’s not true. It actually goes down. Plus the fact, the design of the building, there’s cameras everywhere in common areas and outside. There’s lights all over the place — inside and outside. Plus the physical location. We’re right across the street from the city police department and jail.”

He says no tax dollars are being used to fund the project.

“No local dollars are being used for this project. This project is $7.5 million — additional dollars coming into Muskingum County that otherwise would’ve gone someplace else in the state of Ohio but Fairfield Homes and Muskingum Behavioral Health had been able to grab that — those funds.”

Carrel says the structure should be completed during the Summer of 2021.