Legal Administrative Building to undergo construction

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The Muskingum County Commissioners met Monday with an architect to discuss renovations at the legal administrative building in downtown.

Officials discussed where the Court and Clerk’s Office would be relocated when construction begins in the building.

Project Manager with APG Architects Cole Ryan says all services in the building will remain open during construction.

“We’re looking at remodeling the third floor of the legal admin building here in Zanesville and as part of the project we have to figure out how to actually pull the construction project off while the Court and the Clerk’s Office maintain their day-to-day function. So we were talking with the commissioners today. Really trying to figure out what our options were to temporarily house those services during the project.”

Ryan says the main thing needed from this reservation is space.

“The Clerk’s Office is a primary driver. There’s also some major security concerns with the building. As you’ve seen, in many public buildings, we’ve been upgrading security. This building’s just next in line. So we gotta get some security upgrades and we gotta find the clerks some more space for their work.”

He says the project is in the works and announcements on where everything is located will be made in the future.

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