Muskingum Nursing Program Ranked First

Local News

NEW CONCORD, Ohio- Muskingum University was recently ranked as having the number one nursing program in the state, according to

The ranking was based off of several criteria, including the success rate students had on their nursing registration exams. Students in the program sang the praise of their teachers and university.

Junior Mace Snider spoke to the quality of the professors that he has had in his time at Muskingum, “All the professors are so in-depth with things because they’re still in the field and still working.”

He also feels that Muskingum’s size has to do with the quality of the program, “It’s smaller class sizes, and professors you have one on one time and they know your names. Details about you and are able to teach from a more individual standpoint.”

Junior Susan Thompson was excited by what the ranking meant for her and her classmates.

“It was very, like, satisfying to me knowing that like you’re going to a school where nurses are succeeding and doing so well, and now knowing that hospitals are reaching out to use and wanting us as workers it’s very satisfying to know that when I graduate I’ll know everything I need to know and that those opportunities are out there.”

Cindy Wilkins, Director of the nursing program, says that the ranking has added an incentive to be even better next year.

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