Muskingum EMA explains State of Emergency invoked Monday

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Governor Mike DeWine announced a state of emergency in Ohio after an announcement that three people in Cuyahoga County tested positive for coronavirus Monday.

Director of the Muskingum County Emergency Management Agency Jeff Jadwin says the state of emergency helps the organization make sure hospitals and other medical facilities have supplies like masks, gloves and hand sanitizer.

“We’re a support agency so as things will become needed by the hospitals, the health department, you know — nursing homes, supplies get short then their request for supplies from the state or the federal government have to go through our office. The state of emergency allows us to supercede some policies when we go to buy supplies. We don’t have to get three quotes or allot the bidding process. If we call somebody and they got it, we can buy it.”

Jadwin wants to remind everyone to listen to the Center for Disease Control and health department regarding the virus.

“We just heard from the state that they’re banning travel-by-state employees out of state — Ohio State cancelled classes as far as everything is online now, you know. If you can do that, that’s better but if you’re taking care of yourself, you’re washing, you’re taking care of yourself. You can still go about your normal life.”

For more information regarding Coronavirus, go to the Muskingum County Health Department website.

Note: This was written on March 10, 2019. For the latest information regarding the virus, go to the CDC website.

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