Board of Elections reports early voting numbers for Muskingum Co.

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The March Primary Election is about three weeks away and Secretary of State Frank LaRose released early voting statistics Monday.

LaRose says over 149,000 absentee ballots have been requested by mail or in-person and over 18,000 votes have been cast statewide. Muskingum County Board of Elections Director Timothy Thompson says numbers in the county are lower in comparison to state statistics.

“We’ve got 476 applications already in and we mail those out by the next day. Whatever ballots — applications come in today we’ll have those in the mail tomorrow. Now having said that, there’s been 170 people vote in-office already. And so, if you compare that to the big cities, that’s not very much.”

Thompson says early voting in the office doesn’t take much time.

“Early voting is really pretty simple. All you need to is come into our office, bring and ID with you, preferably a driver’s license if you have one and we’ll get a ballot for you, you don’t have to fill out an application any longer, no envelopes any longer. So you get a ballot and you can go vote your ballot and then scan it and then you’re done. Usually it takes maybe about 5, 10 minutes.”

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