Astrophysicist speaks at Zanesville church

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – An astrophysicist spoke with members of the community at the Zanesville Christian and Missionary Alliance Saturday.

Dr. Jason Lisle held two speeches on Genesis and astronomy. Later on, he held a question and answer portion.

“We talked about the importance of the book of Genesis and the foundation of that to Christian theology. Christians teach things like marriage that’s based in Genesis [a] little history in Genesis. And we talked about how Jesus and other persons in scripture referred back to Genesis as little, little history. A lot of people get intimidated and think, ‘Well, maybe Genesis is a metaphor or something like that.’ No, it’s real history and we looked at how the Doctrines of Chrisianity looked back to that history for their foundation.”

Lisle says contrary to some beliefs, Christianity and science go together.

“Science is based on the Christian worldview. A lot of people forget that. They think that, ‘Well, science is antagonistic to Christianity.’ Well, it’s antagonistic to some other religions but it’s based on Christianity. The fact that God upholds the universe in a consistent way — we would expect the universe would be rational because it’s upheld by the mind of God. We would expect that are senses would be able to reliably probe the universe, that the mind would be able to think about the universe rationally because we’re made in God’s image. God made our senses. All of these things that make science possible are based on the Christian worldview and creation in particular.”

Lisle has written a number of articles in defense of Genesis including “The Ultimate Proof of Creation.”

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