8-year-old without legs performs gymnastics at Philo Jr. High competition

Local News

PHILO, Ohio – Gymnasts from across the area got together Saturday at the Philo Junior High School to compete.

Eight-year-old Paige Calendine competed in beams, bars, floor and vault. She says the bars is her favorite event.

“I’m strong and I’m really good at gymnastics. I like it, I practice and it’s really fun.”

Paige was born without legs and although she may be seen as different, she says that everyone is different in their own ways.

“People don’t know what they’re looking at because they look at me and think that I’m a different person but I have to be because I was born like this so I can’t grow legs at all like everybody else. People come in different like — short people, little people, tall people. It doesn’t matter what a person is. They could be short, tall or anything.”

Paige says she plans to continue competing until she goes to college.

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