Sec. of State LaRose doubles down after Tweet regarding Kent State University speaker

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Secretary of State Frank LaRose is commenting on a post made to his Twitter page.

The Tweet was addressing Kent State University choosing actor Jane Fonda to speak at the 50th anniversary to the shooting at the college.

LaRose spoke with WHIZ on Wednesday. Here is his entire statement regarding that post.

“I said what I had to say on social media about that. I will say this though — well people said ‘Aren’t you for free speech?’ I’m all for free speech. I served in the military for ten years where defending the rights to free speech was part of what I did and it’s something that’s deep in my core. I believe in free speech and if she wants to she can come and speak on any campus — whatever she wants. She should do it for free, right? Instead of being paid $83,000.

For her to come and speak at a memorial ceremony that is meant to be a somber occasion, to me is just not the — not the appropriate choice of speakers. There are a lot of others that could be the right speaker for memorial. A somber occasion like that but I think that her presence there unnecessarily politicizes it and in many ways it’s a hurtful thing for some of our veterans. Particularly our Vietnam veterans who considered some of her actions to be — unfair or unfairly critical of that.”