Zanesville Hearing Aid office nationally recognized

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – A Zanesville Hearing Aid Center was presented with a nationally recognized award this morning.

The Homer and Jenny Norvell Sales Award was named after Brad Norvell’s parents. The pair had served the hearing impaired in Ohio since 1961. Brad Norvell is the owner of Norvell’s Hearing Center. He thanked his office staff for their dedication.

“It’s a lot of hard work. It’s a team effort to do that number of hearing aids. It normally would take six to seven full-time offices and we did that with a full time office and one part-time office. I just can’t thank the office staff enough for what they’ve done and it does take a commitment from everyone and we have to work as a team.”

Jim Boyd the Regional Manager for ReSound presented the award at the company’s office on Princeton Avenue in front of members from the Chamber of Commerce, Mayor Don Mason, family, friends and Norvell’s office staff. He says the company helped fit over 1,200 hearing aids in 2019.

“This award is going to go annually to the top producing hearing center in the country. Norvell’s Hearing Center last year fit over 1,200 hearing instruments and helped over 600 hearing impaired patients which is phenomenal.”

Norvell says his company did 140% better than the other top contenders for the award.

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