Muskingum County Community Foundation announces applications for Spring Grant

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The Muskingum County Community Foundation will be opening the application of their 2020 Spring Grant competition in the next few weeks.

CEO for the foundation Brian Wagner says the website will be accepting applications from March 2 until March 25 and this year there will be more money available for the grant.

“This year is going to be our biggest grant competition ever. We’re working with another organization to receive a matching grant so we’re looking at that to grow even larger. We won’t have specific numbers for another week or so.”

Wagner says grant money is open to any Muskingum County non-profit organization.

“These projects and these charities they make a tremendous impact into Muskingum County and the work that’s been done through these grants that we’ve given over the years, [they’re] very broad reaching. A couple years ago we helped support the splashpad that’s down in Roseville. We’ve supported educational, outdoor educational programs in the Tri-Valley School District. We’ve been able to support all sorts of different activities with our local YMCAs, with some local church organizations, Eastside Community Ministries, all sorts of organizations have been able to benefit through our Spring Grant competition.”

Money for the grant was raised from the annual groundhog day event on January 31.

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