Annie Glenn’s centennial celebrated in New Concord

Local News

NEW CONCORD, Ohio – Monday afternoon, a museum in New Concord came together for a special centennial celebration.

She is the wife of late astronaut and U.S. Senator John Glenn. President of the museum board George St. Clair says the John and Annie Glenn museum held a tea in her honor.

“Today is Annie Glenn’s 100th birthday and so we decided that we should celebrate the fact that she has reached 100 and that’s a milestone really for anybody but this museum is about Annie so we thought this is something we could have a tea for her in her honor this afternoon.”

The tea included a video from a speaker as well as Annie’s daughter Lynn Glenn and the director of the program at Hollins College. A board member for the museum Renee Coll says Hollins College is where Annie overcame her stuttering disability.

“We talked about her courage, her commitment and compassion and we wanted to honor those things. Annie overcame a stuttering disability through a lot of hard work and became an advocate folks with disabilities and so that’s something that we like to honor.”

Annie was born in Columbus but grew up in New Concord.