Fieldhouse Foundation receives $5,000 in donations

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio — The Fieldhouse Foundation has received a $5,000 donation. Williamson Insurance donated $3,000 and MutualAid Exchange made a donation of $2,000.

“We try to provide recreation for the area, so we do a number of things. We have a trail outside that’s free to the public. We do some things down at Dillon State Park where we’ve added some amenities there. But our heart is really with our kids that we serve. We serve kids with physical disabilities, and so we try to make recreation and exercise available to them as any other child would have. So, we hire trainers and the trainers work with the kids individually and they just have fun and exercise and hopefully get well,” says Harriet Amicone, co-founder of The Fieldhouse.

Williamson Insurance, Genesis Health Care System and Century National Bank are all credited with helping to fund the Fieldhouse Foundation.

“It’s important to us. These things can’t be done for free. It takes equipment, it takes time, and they’re kind enough to do a lot of this stuff without charge for people who are in need,” says Jeff Williamson, owner of the insurance agency.

The Amicones say they’re thankful for the support from those three major donors.

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