Howe two sisters and their dad, helped Tri-valley win the MVL

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DRESDEN, Ohio- The Tri-Valley girls basketball team is not only one of the best teams in Southeast, Ohio, but possibly the state.

A team loaded with talent won its first MVL title since 2017.

But Howe?

With the help of Kyndal Howe, Lexi Howe and Buster Howe.

Kyndal is a senior at Tri-Valley and was a freshman the last time the Lady Dawgs won the MVL title. Now with her younger sister on the team who is only a freshman, Lexi, has made an immediate impact on the team.

The two of them are on a team together for the first in their lives and both say, they’ve gotten closer as sisters because of it.

As they roam the court, trying to get buckets, their Dad, Buster is on the bench as the Lady Dawgs assistant coach.

Buster attended Zanesville High School and became the first Mr. Football in the state of Ohio back in 1987.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, as this is a family full of athletes.

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