Electric Deregulation Leads to Muskingum Co. Ballot Issue

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio — Voters in Muskingum County will be asked to decide on an issue dealing with electric aggregation, an offshoot concept of deregulation.

Bob Snavely, an advocate of aggregation, and a representative of the County Commissioners Association of Ohio, visited the Muskingum County Commissioners to highlight what he feels are the merits of the effort.

“Savings, basically,” he said. “It’s a commodity and if you don’t have to pay more for it, you shouldn’t. The Commissioners were gracious enough to put this on the ballot. It’s an opportunity for citizens to pay a little bit less on their electric bill. You know, we see savings of about seventy-five to one hundred dollars annually which doesn’t sound like a lot of money but when you talk about countywide, it can be a large figure.”

Steve Tyo, a Wayne Township Trustee, believes aggregation will benefit consumers. His board is opening the Wayne Twp. Hall next week for a meeting about Aggregation.

“It’s an important meeting. Trying to get the information out about the electric aggregation. They were at our township meeting earlier this month and explained it to us. We offered to get the word out to surrounding townships. Any resident of Muskingum County who wants to come, sit in on the meeting and learn a little more about it,” Tyo says.

The meeting is scheduled to take place Feb. 20 at 6pm at the Wayne Twp. Hall, 602 Bridge St., Duncan Falls.

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