Sweet Adelines to Perform on Valentine’s Day

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio — A four-part barbershop harmony which started in the 1940s, Sweet Adelines entertains people through one intimate performance at a time.

“We have two quartets that will be out and about in the Zanesville area delivering singing valentines. So, for a flower, which the carnations have been donated by a local florist, each recipient will ge ta flower and a song,” says Rita Tucker, Director of Sweet Adelines Friendship VII Chorus.

Tucker says Genesis Hospice advertises the performance through their social media accounts and by way of signs and brochures since the proceeds benefit Hospice Palliative care patiencts.

“You know, people call and make an appointment and then we have a girl that knows the Zanesville area, so she puts the valentines together in some kind of logical order so we’re not driving all over the place, but we have gone as far as Dresden and to Philo and New Concord, so we do a pretty big area,” she adds.

The Sweet Adelines will be taking requests through Thursday at 5pm. They will try to keep performances confined to between nine and five o’clock Friday afternoon.

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