All smiles: Hocking College offers dental clinic in New Lexington

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NEW LEXINGTON, Ohio – Residents in Perry County have a new option when it comes to dental care.

The Dental Hygiene Program Manager Misti Malfe says the clinic at the Hocking College Campus in New Lexington is accepting patients.

“There’s a lack of dentists and there’s a lack of, you know, dental care for the community. So that’s why this facility was built. To offer those patients who are uninsured or are low income and do not have the money for dental care.”

Malfe says each student is overseen by an instructor and the patient will be referred to their dentist for further care. Seeing patients is required by the students to pass their boards.

She says the program is intensive and she was one of the very first patients to be seen by students.

“We don’t let them work on patients until they’ve passed many, many, many evaluations. We’ve worked with them all on one-on-one basis. They’ve worked on each other. They really know how to do instrumentation or they’re not allowed to move on to see patients. So you would get, probably, a more thorough cleaning here than you possibly would at a dentist’s office because they are graded on every step of the clinic visit.”

With each appointment, a patient can receive cleanings, exams and X-rays. Prices for an appointment at the clinic are $20 for an adult and $15 for a child.

For more information on how to qualify for the clinic’s services, go to their website.

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