Muskingum Co. Community Foundation announces scholarships

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – A foundation announced that they’re accepting applications for three scholar-athlete scholarships Tuesday.

Those scholarships include: the Celine Wyatt Memorial Scholarship, the Tom Johnson Memorial Scholarship and the Matz Family Legacy Scholarship.

Manager of Educational Programs for the Muskingum County Community Foundation Katie McCarty says these are just three of the 40 scholarships available to students.

“Everyone should be applying for these scholarships. Anyone who meets the criteria should definitely apply. Each scholarship has it’s own set of criteria so they should definitely check out our website. We have over 40 that we do locally here at the foundation and then we also advertise many, many others that we have found throughout the community that students can apply for as well.”

She says anyone applying to a scholarship should be keeping track of deadlines as well as anything they’ve already applied for.

“I would say, first of all, take it one step at a time. Definitely make sure that you are keeping copies of what you have already submitted so that, you know, if a question comes up on another application, you can look and see what you put on it before. A lot of the scholarships have different deadlines — well all of them have different deadlines — so students need to make sure they’re on top of that. That they’re paying attention to when those are due.”

For more information on scholarships available, go to their website.