Duet harmonizes at Muskingum University to songs chosen by audience

Local News

NEW CONCORD, Ohio – An audience at Brown Chapel at Muskingum University heard harmonies chosen by their peers Sunday.

Music Director and Conductor for the Southeastern Ohio Symphony Orchestra Dr. Laura Schumann says the duet played a variety of classical, jazz and Broadway songs that were chosen by the audience prior to the show.

“The audience, prior to today’s show, was able to vote on some things they wanted to hear. So it worked out really well and so the program is myself and Miss Cheryl Wise who’s playing on the piano. It’s a real mixed bag because I gave a list of what you were able to choose from.”

Schumann says the show is family friendly and younger people should look toward musicians like them if they need a role model.

“They should come to these shows — everybody needs great music and we know that. Young people — this is a great, wonderful place. You’re not going to hear bad language, you’re not gonna have misbehaving. You have great role models for young people to see when young people get to come to this.”

The next event by the orchestra is aimed toward teaching kids about science. That is scheduled for March 22nd. For more information, go to their website.

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