Teen Girls Helped Through Dress Giveaway Event

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio — Becky Clawson believes in helping teen girls whose families ordinarily would have trouble finding suitable outfits for them to wear to a winter formal, sweetheart dance, prom or homecoming.

Clawson organized Saturday’s Princess Blessings Prom Dress Giveaway at the Zanesville Welcome Center.

“Not only do they have to pay for tickets, dinner, flowers and hair, and all of the things that go along with it. The dress, itself, can cost upwards of $400 to $800, depending on where you’re shopping. It kind of came to me about eight years ago, another organization had done this in the past and kind of got the ball rolling. When they were no longer doing it, I picked it up and ran with it,” Clawson says.

She says her group has collected about eight-hundred dresses this year. The event is run by volunteers.

“If anybody in the community has a space that you’re not utilizing right now that would be safe for me to lock dresses up in on racks, I have my own racks, we could use some storage space for those; a permanent place to put them,” Clawson adds.

Organizers accept any style of formal wear because that’s a big need.

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