Northern Ohio Animal Rescue Group Called to Help Muskingum Dog Warden

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio — Volunteers from an animal rescue operation in northern Ohio made a trip to Zanesville Saturday to lend assistance to an effort at the Muskingum Co. Dog Warden and Adoption Center.

Volunteers tell WHIZ News it’s been a month and a half since a pregnant dog was brought to the pound in urgent need of care.

“The state that the facility is in is old, antiquated, probably not ideal for housing dogs and we discovered the need they had for supplies. Potty pads, canned food, leashes, collars. You guys are a relatively small county down here. We’re a pretty large county. We have some amazing volunteers and supporters who stepped up to the plate,” says Sarah Chenoweth, Board Member of Multiple Breed Rescue in Grafton, about twenty-five miles southwest of Cleveland.

Chenoweth tells WHIZ News the puppies born at the center were frost bitten from the frigid conditions in the kennels. She says there are ways people can help pets in need.

“The biggest thing is — shelters, kennels like this, rescues like ours, we need foster homes. We can’t continue to save dogs without them. People don’t realize, I think, the state that some of these facilities are in. So I would encourage people to go walk a dog for a day, spend an hour at your local shelter and see what they’re working with — and sadly what they’re working against,” Chenoweth says.

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