Muskingum Co. Community Foundations Accepting Scholarship Applications

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio — The Muskingum Co. Community Foundation is accepting applications for as many as forty scholarships for their 2020 grant year.

“The scholarships are a wide range of different, available to different people. They have some that are required to be going to a specific high school. Some students can apply if they’re currently in college. There are ones that are for sports. There are ones that are for specific majors. Some that are specific to a certain college or university. We’ve got a very broad range of scholarships, so there’s going to be something for everyone,” says Katie McCarty, Mgr. of Educational Programs at the Foundation.

Students of typical college age, in addition to non-traditional students, are eligible to apply.

“There’s a lot of different requirements. Each scholarship has a different set of requirements that they can check out of our website. All of our applications are available on our website to either download if it’s a paper application, or they can do the online application linked directly from our website,” says McCarty.

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