Hardware Store Manager Offers Winter Safety Tips

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio — Zanesville and surrounding area woke up to an inch or two of snow on the ground Friday morning, a reminder of the importance of winter safety.

At Sunrise Do-It-Best Hardware, Store Manager Dennis Baldwin says ice melt and rock salt are your best friends in weather like this.

“We have ice melt that you can use which is safe on concrete. We also have the rock salt if you’re going to put it some place where it won’t hurt the concrete, you know, put it somewhere, asphalt or some place else, or big areas,” Baldwin says.

In addition, it’s important to save your back while shoveling snow. This snowfall may have amounted to a dusting and up to two inches, but the next weather maker may be different.

“Shovel, we can shovel things, we’ve got shovels here, you can shovel it off and melt it off. Ergonomical shovels that are easier on the back. You can pre-treat a little bit, if you know something is coming, you can put some of this ice melt down and have it on your sidewalk before the snow gets here and you can kind of melt it as it goes,” Baldwin says.

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