Carlos, our WHIZ / Animal Shelter Society Pet of the Week

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio — He’s furry, white & gray. Meet Carlos, our WHIZ / Animal Shelter Society Pet of the Week.

“He is a domestic shorthair tabby. You can see he’s beautifully-marked. He’s white, black, a touch of gray here and there. He’s very friendly. When I walk into the cat room, he’s kind of down on the bottom in the corner in one of those kennels down there and I think he gets overlooked a little bit by people who come to look for cats because he always reaches out to touch me when I walk by, so he’s kind of a favorite of mine,” says Deb Bergeron, Exec. Dir. of the Animal Shelter Society.

Also, Bergeron says a major event for their facility & staff is coming soon.

“An open house on Wednesday, March 4 from 5 to 7pm and that’s during our normal business hours on Wednesday, so the shelter will still be open. It will be open for adoptions, for people that want to take a tour, but it’s also a good time for everyone in the community to come out and meet our new board of directors, meet me if they haven’t already. Come see our beautiful animals and we have been doing a lot of rebranding with changing the color scheme inside, painting,” Bergeron says.

The Animal Shelter Society is located at 1430 Newark Rd. in Zanesville.

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