Women’s Charity Group Draws Donation Lottery

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio — A women’s group in Muskingum Co. which formed just a year ago has drawn the names of three charities to receive donations.

“Each of our members get to nominate a charity and so we randomly draw those charities, so we just drew three today for our event on February 27. Each member donates $100 and those charities come and present. They have five minutes to tell us their story and then our membership votes. The winner gets the majority of the money. The other two get $500. Last October, we donated $1,500 to homeless hands of Zanesville,” says Melanie Klotzbach, President of 100 Plus Women Who Care Muskingum Co.

Klotzbach says twenty-two charities were nominated during their last meeting.

“Getting a group of women together who are very diverse, you’re going to get a lot of diverse charities. So, I think it’s really cool that the people who come and present, we are also learning about those charities; learning about things in our community, what other people are doing to help our fellow community members,” Klotzbach tells WHIZ News.

She says anyone wanting to join the 100+ Women Who Care Muskingum County should email: 100womenwhocaremuskingumcounty@gmail.com

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