Zanesville Concert Association Begins Second Half Of 81st Season

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Zanesville Concert Association started their second half of shows for the season Sunday at Secrest Auditorium.

Booking agent for the Zanesville Concert Association Jim McLaughlin says singers from across the country came together for the Spiritual Ensemble.

“We’re starting the second-half of our season for our 81st year of bringing world famous musicians to Zanesville. And today, as a choral director, I’m excited because we have the American Spiritual Ensemble on tour and they’re performing at Secrest Auditorium today for our community.”

He says the group only performs during January and February.

“It’s gonna be an oral experience from this wonderful choir of 23 singers that only perform each year between Martin Luther King Day and the Black History Month. So these are professional musicians from New York and California and they gather together as a choir each year and honor Martin Luther King and their black heritage.”

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