Bullet, our WHIZ / Animal Shelter Society Pet of the Week

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio — He’s playful and friendly. Meet Bullet, our Pet of the Week.

“We have determined that he is about four years old. He is a miniature pinscher, as I said he’s got a lot of energy. We just tested him, he is dog and cat-friendly, so he’ll get along with any other animal that you have in your house. But one thing about him is that he is a climber. He uses these cute little legs of his and he tries to climb up our kennel area, so you have to make sure he’s not in a place where he can climb out of a fence or something,” says Deb Bergeron, Exec. Dir. of the Animal Shelter Society.

Bergeron & her staff are also gearing up for some special events in the coming weeks.

“We have two events that we’re excited about. As you probably know, we’ve been doing some rebranding of our shelter and that’s why our staff has been in here painting and volunteers have been helping us. We’ve got quite a few things going on with just a new look, a new, fresh look for our shelter, so we’re having an open house on March 4,” Bergeron adds.

The adoption fee for Bullet is $130.

The Animal Shelter Society is open Saturday from 10am until 4pm, then Monday from 11am until 5pm.

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