Eastside Community Ministry Chair-ity Auction Approaching

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – A fundraiser that helps support numerous community programs and services through an area agency will be taking place next month in Zanesville. Eastside Community Ministry will host their annual Chair-ity Auction on February 14 and 15 at the Colony Square Mall. Jamie Trout, with Eastside Community Ministry, says all proceeds go to benefit the social programs that Eastside provides throughout the year.

“This is our biggest fundraiser; so we are so excited. We have about fifty entry forms that we’ve received—a lot of people calling; saying they’re getting their stuff together for the auction. So, we’re just really excited. We’re going to take chairs with incentive packages and auction them off—and all of the money raised will come back to Eastside to help with our programs.”

Chairs ranging from bar stools to recliners and high chairs will be auctioned off with incentive packages. Volunteers are needed for the auction and for general programming at Eastside Community Ministry.

“We have our emergency food pantry; and we also have our free clothing bank, our emergency relief services, and our year-round youth program. Those are our activities at Eastside. /// We definitely need volunteers—not only for our Chair-ity Auction, but we are short on volunteers at Eastside right now, too. So that would be great. Donations are encouraged but also we need people to come out and bid on the items.”

For more information, you can visit the Eastside Community Ministry Facebook page.

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