Muskingum University Students Study Impeachment Process

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NEW CONCORD, Ohio – Members of the US Senate were back in action today after a very late night of hearing opening statements regarding the articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump. While the second phase of impeachment continues in Washington, D.C.–area college students from Muskingum University are taking the opportunity to learn more about the process. Professor Brian King, with the Muskingum University Political Science Department, says the process can be difficult to follow.

“If according to the House there are impeachment articles, then it moves over to the US Senate and the Senate then acts as a jury with the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court presiding. And, the House has a team that is essentially the prosecution and the White House has a team that’s essentially the defense.”

Students are being reminded that the impeachment process impacts the lives of all Americans; not just those in the White House and Congress.

“This is our system. The country should belong to ‘We the People’. If we’re not paying attention, if we’re not up on the information, if we’re not making our voice heard, if we’re not inserting ourselves into the process as responsible and active citizens—we’ve given it away. We’ve given away ownership of our system. It’s the free exchange of ideas and it’s wonderful to hear students talk about issues like this—whether it be in a classroom, or in an office setting, or in a dining hall or something like that—to hear students talking about these issues; and maybe—even if, and maybe especially if they disagree.”

The impeachment process is formally dictated by the United States Constitution. At least 67 members of the Senate must vote in favor of conviction in order for the President to be removed from office.

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