US Congressman Balderson Weighs In on Impeachment Process

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Following the impeachment of President Donald Trump by the United States House of Representatives, the process is set to continue in the US Senate beginning tomorrow. US Congressman Troy Balderson, of Ohio’s 12th District, says before the proceedings can commence members of the Senate must formulate a plan of action for the process.

“They will set up the rules tomorrow and go start the process. I believe that’s going to start about one or two o’clock tomorrow afternoon—and then we’ll have more of a general idea of how the process is going to be in the Senate. There were several different ways they were talking about doing; but, tomorrow it’ll actually be official as to what they’re doing.”

While the impeachment process was a chaotic time for the House, Balderson says important legislation has continued to be voted upon and passed by representatives.

“It’s troublesome that we’ve got to go through a process like this—it’s not something that we want to do, but we will work through it. We want to make sure that the people do know that we are getting things done. The United States Mexico Canadian Agreement is what some are calling NAFTA Number Two—from the first NAFTA Agreement, some 30 years ago now. That is something that we did that passed, and the President signed it into law last week.”

At least 67 members of the Senate must vote in favor of conviction in order for Trump to be removed from office.