Local Colleges Host Work and Education Summit

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – As the community begins a new decade, three area colleges are partnering with the Zanesville Muskingum County Chamber of Commerce to hold a series of summits regarding the Future of Work and Education. Ohio University Zanesville, Zane State College, and Muskingum University will host Responding to the Future: Education and the Economy in Muskingum County next month at the OUZ/Zane State Campus Center. Dean Jeremy Webster, with OUZ, says the program is designed to educate the public.

“It’s the third of four community summits on the future of work and education in Muskingum County. This is a series of kind of workshops, presentations, get-togethers—to think about as a community what our future is and how we can best shape it to have a strong and prosperous economy. So, this third event on February 21st is going to be about technology in our community—particularly the way in which it’s impacted education.”

The purpose of the Education Summits is to educate students about the opportunities within Muskingum County. The featured speaker at the February event is a Google Education Evangelist who is passionate about connecting technology and education.

“Our keynote speaker is from Google—his name is Jaime Casap and he will be talking about education broadly and technology. And then; we are going to feature from our local institutions the way that we are using education and technology to help develop our workforce more effectively and to make sure that we’re preparing people to stay here in Muskingum County once they graduate.”

Responding to the Future will be held on February 21 from 8 AM to noon. The event is free—however, registration is required. Breakfast will be provided.

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