Columbia Gas to Invest $33 Million in Southeast Ohio

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Columbia Gas is preparing to invest $33 million in Southeast Ohio as 36 miles of natural gas main lines and 2,500 customer service lines will be replaced this year. The project is part of the company’s larger 25 year program which will invest over $2 billion across the entire state. Dave Rau, Columbia Gas Communications Manager, says the initiative will improve service in the area.

“Keeping our service safe and reliable is the most important thing for us. We’ve been replacing lines across the state in a large program for over 10 years—and that’s cut the number of leaks by over 40 percent. That really translates into safety. So, this year in Southern and Eastern Ohio we’ll be replacing 36 miles of our lines; continuing to make service safer and more reliable.”

Areas in which lines will be replaced include Newark, West Lafayette, and New Lexington. The goal of the project is to increase safety and reliability for Columbia Gas customers.

“We take a look at a lot of indicators to determine what pipes are most in need of replacement. We want to make sure that as we apply these funds—as we fund these projects—we’re looking for the areas where it can do the most good. So, we take a look at all of the data; we take a look at potential leaks—we take a look at reliability and we come up with the areas where it’s going to make the biggest difference.”

Changes anticipated as a result of the 2020 work include excess flow valves, exterior meters, and specially designed plastic pipe.

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