28th Ethnic Food Fair Held at Zane State College

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Hundreds of people from across Muskingum County and the surrounding area gathered at the Ohio University/Zane State College Campus Center today as the annual Ethnic Food Fair took place. Zane State College culinary students prepared Italian, Soul, British, and Vietnamese cuisine for the crowd; and all proceeds went to benefit scholarship opportunities at the college. Chef Marco Adornetto, with the Zane State College Culinary Program, says the event is always a success.

“They always come and enjoy this once a year; we’ve been doing this—this is the 28th year that we’ve had this event, and this is my 27th and it’s always full. One year, we had to cancel it because of snow—but, thank goodness today held up and it’s a really nice, beautiful day out there today. So, students are very busy working on stuff but it’s all coming together now.”

While the day-to-day culinary courses are in depth and require skill, the students experience a new, fast-paced environment when the Ethnic Food Fair takes place.

“For the students, in the classroom when we’re in the lab they’ll do like a dish for 10 to 12 people—well, today they’re doing it for 350 people. In the classroom lab environment, everything is nice and slow and fine; but today things have to be perfect. They have to be on time because there are 350 people here who want to eat lunch.”

The Ethnic Food Fair serves as a kick-off for Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend in Muskingum County. Students were responsible for selecting and preparing dishes.

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