Complete Count Committee Prepares for Upcoming 2020 Census

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The first month of the New Year is halfway over and as time marches on, local community leaders have organized to prepare Muskingum County residents for the upcoming Census. The County Census 2020 Complete Count Committee has hit the ground running and is working to make the Census readily available to everyone across the area. Mollie Crooks, Muskingum County Commissioner, says the Census is of vital importance to the community.

“The County Census 2020 Complete Count Committee was organized so that we could get community leaders together to make sure that we communicate to the public how important this census and their participation is. Ohio receives about 33 billion dollars a year–and the last time the census was done with the lack of numbers that were counted, it equated to about $1,206 per person that we lost out on.”

Local government representatives, members of the media, and social organizations have banned together to remind the public to participate in the Census through various events and promotional items.

“It’s a lot of brainstorming that is going on from a lot of different, diverse organizations—and so, for the next couple of months it is going to be just about awareness…awareness to prepare people for April the first, which is Census Day. The mailings from the Census Committee will start in the middle of March; so we want people to be aware of what to expect and know that for the first time, they can do the Census online.”

The Census is confidential and helps determine local funding for schools and social programs; as well as congressional representation.

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