Ethnic Food Fair Friday at Zane State

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio — Zane State College is gearing up for an event that happens every year, and it features food from all over the world.

The Ethnic Food Fair is coming Friday, Jan. 17 at Zane State College. Their head chef, Marco Adornetto, says there is more preparation that goes into the event.

“We’ll have about three hundred to three hundred fifty people here that day and it’s a great learning experience for students because it’s large quantities of food. We’ll be doing about three hundred fifty portions of each cuisine and this year we’ll have Italian, Soul, Great Britain and Vietnamese. So, like, we’re going to do, for Vietnamese, we’re going to be doing barbecue spare ribs so we’re going to need three hundred pieces of spare ribs,” Adornetto says.

Nickolas Snyder, a Sous Chef, says the experience is priceless.

“You learn how to do everything really well. Mark is a great teacher. Obviously starting off your first year you don’t know a whole lot, but the ethnic food fair is a good way to kind of give you a jump start into your first semester. It kind of teaches you what you need to know to get started,” Snyder said.

Students in Zane State’s Culinary Arts program spent Wednesday morning preparing food in the school’s lab kitchen.