New Antenna Installed by Helicopter at WHIZ Media Group

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – WHIZ Media Group experienced a historic afternoon as crews worked to install a new television antenna. A helicopter was utilized to remove the previous antenna and replace it with new equipment. Hank Littick, President of WHIZ Media Group, says over the air viewers will experience some changes in the coming weeks.

“The helicopter is going to lift off our current antenna—which is for channel 40—and then they’re going to pick up the new antenna and place that on the top of the tower. Now, what it means to viewers is most importantly and impactful is that they will need to re-scan their TV once we make this new antenna live. We’ll be on an interim antenna for a short period of time and then we will go live on the channel 30 antenna.”

While over the air viewers can expect some challenges as new equipment is activated, satellite and cable viewers will not notice much of a change.

“If you are being provided service and our channel through a you know—Spectrum or DirecTV—you can still get us the same way you always have. You won’t even notice a change, most likely. But, it’s just an exciting day with having the helicopter here on site and our engineer team has done a fantastic job getting this all coordinated.”

Oftentimes, television and radio stations make equipment upgrades and changes as a result of FCC mandates based upon the actions of Congress. The last major project in Zanesville was completed when WHIZ Media Group made the jump to digital broadcast.

“When we did the initial transition to digital television—high definition television—there used to be another tower that was about 75 feet southwest of the existing tower. So, that was an even bigger project back then; and it involved building an entire new tower then changing the antenna. We had to build a new facility to house our transmitter because there was no room in any of the existing facilities that we had. So, that was a very large undertaking—took a long time.”

Employees took time to commemorate the occasion by signing their names on the bottom of the new antenna, which now resides on top of he broadcast tower. Over the air viewers are being advised to re-scan their televisions in the coming weeks.

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