Census Workers Needed on a Local Level

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The 2020 Census is just around the corner and as the US Census Bureau prepares to collect national data, various positions are open for area residents in Muskingum County. Qualifications required to secure a position with the US Census Bureau include being 18 years of age, being a licensed driver and having a motor vehicle. Amber Kohler, with The US Census Bureau, says positions are open for Enumerators and a Field Supervisor.

“We are currently hiring for multiple positions. One is called an Enumerator—those are the people who go door-to-door to help with our non-response followup to make sure everyone in southeast Ohio and Muskingum County is counted. That job starts at $15.50 an hour; it is flex time. So, you can work 9 AM to 9 PM Sunday to Saturday around your own schedule—so, you can choose to work 40 hours a week or you can work 10 hours a week. We are also hiring for a Field Supervisor.”

There will be a multi-day event at Ohio Means Jobs Muskingum County this week, beginning on Wednesday; where Susan Graham will be providing assistance for those filling out online applications for the temporary Census positions.

“Susan will actually be running an event this week Wednesday through Monday; where she will be helping people with that online application process. All they have to do is come down, introduce themselves to Susan and she will be happy to guide everyone and anyone through the process.”

The US Census is conducted every 10 years. Data gathered is used to determine local funding for the next decade.

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