Zanesville theatre holds “Barefoot in the Park”

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Renner Theatre opened it’s doors Sunday afternoon.

The show is entitled, “Barefoot in the Park.” Director for the show Michelle Robison says it’s about a newly-wed couple and complexities of relationships.

“It is a newly wed couple finding their way together in the world. There’s some expectations that may not be met — as well as we want them to be and then there’s a little bit of maneuvering with mother and upstairs neighbor. So Hijinx and Sue. It’s a pretty cute show. We kind of say PG-13. There’s a little bit of smooching but it’s nothing overboard. It’s a lot of humor. It examines the way that we deal with relationships. with a very funny cast to it. So it definitely has some moments of hilarity.”

Robison says the play is one of many playing at Renner.

“For our shows it will be next week is Friday night and Saturday night at 8 p.m. and next Sunday matinee at 2:30. Come walk in, walk-ins are welcome. We’ve got some great shows that are coming up. I know “Hunchback of Notre Dame” will be auditioning. “Matilda” is the next show that goes up. It’s a musical and there’s kids and adults and a lot of fun. So you have to come share the arts with us. Come play in our sandbox.”

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